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Costa Rica - Pacific Lots, Where the mountains meet the sea!

Why Costa Rica?

Imagine your home in a friendly community where you know your neighbors and the beach is your playground. A place known for healthy living and conservation, natural foods and abundant amenities, where you can swim in a waterfall while watching wild parrots, toucans and macaws.

Behold such a place, Pacific Lots of Costa Rica, on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Affordable ocean and mountain view properties as well as luxury custom home building services will turn your dreams into reality.

Relax, your money will go significantly further than in the US. Enjoy a quality of life we have forgotten in the US. Step away from the stresses of daily living, traffic jams and a lack of a sense of community. 

"We are looking forward to trying all of the 40+ restaurants in the area. We may have to make some adjustments, like shifting our emphasis from California wines to South American wines. And finding golf courses may be more of a challenge, but with a new golf club being built in the area and easier road access to other areas in Costa Rica, we think we will be able to survive. In any event, there will be plenty to do exploring Costa Rica and all of it's natural wonders. We couldn't be more excited."